28 August 2013

Not Defunct

For the possibly 3 people who read this blog, I would like to point out it is hardly defunct.  I've been posting a lot on my fertility related blog.  And on my naughty tumblr.  It would probably be useful and good for me to write things down here but I am, as ever these days, stressed and busy.  I just stare at the screen and the words won't come. I  feel boring and empty sometimes.  And I don't really feel like complaining about not having a boyfriend or worrying about the PhD writing up process or getting a job afterwards or thinking about motherhood.  None of which is helped by a lot of friends getting married, my funding running out, trying to work out where I can get a job and who provides good maternity cover because it's obvious I'm never going to have sex again and if I want a child it's going to be through some sort of donation and this is a lot of crap to be thinking about when I really need to be finishing up the PhD.

You see how it goes.

I don't want to be that person but right now that's all I feel I can offer.  I would give anything to be able to post amusing stories of post coital humor.  The thrill of watching bruises turn that came from vigorous sexual adventures.  Or, you know, having enough cash to get gadgets and toys that I want or to go on holidays that I want.

Although I did just go camping in Norfolk which was really good.  I enjoy making and staying in a tent, going to the beach, and I also did a 22 mile cross country bicycle trip which was a bit hardcore and I'm still suffering from.

I would also point out, those in the blossom of youth, experiencing all the joys of the sown oats should hardly be throwing stones, don't you think? ;) :P

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