28 March 2010


I know, it's been a while again. Seems to me I'm all over the place. Not often in one place for too long. When I'm at home, all I want to do is either sleep (because it's time to do so) or completely vegetate because I'm exhausted. What's funny is that this isn't really because my work is intense. My work, is in fact, not all that intense, though it is moving along, and alright at that. But it seems to be everything else. Social commitments, lectures, symposiums, traveling, and guests seem to be taking up a much larger percentage of my time than it did in the past. Maybe this is because many people I hung out with used to be where I worked, but the reality is, very few of the people I'm meeting up with are still at my old office, so that excuse doesn't really hold water.

All I know is I'm pretty tired, though I'm not complaining, because I'm generally enjoying my life at the moment.

This being said, I know I've neglected the blog a bit. I think about it, but when I want to write, it's not possible and when it's possible, it's not high on my list. But it's not something I'd like to lose entirely, so maybe I'll try to get back on it a bit. I'm hoping that when I go home in May and get a new computer, this portability of having my own device might ease up on some of the restraints on me when I'm out and about currently.

So what is there to wax on about then? Perhaps not much. As I say, I'm enjoying life for the most part. The weather is improving which is good. I'm still very interested in and stimulated by what I'm doing work-wise. My friends are for the most part okay, though full of the usual annoyances here and there. My flat is okay, the flatmate and I have come to an agreement that we have our own toilet paper, so this has eased one of the only few issues I was having.

No relationship things at the moment. I've met out with a guy a few times who I think is very interesting and I wouldn't mind seeing if it could progress, but he seems reluctant to do this, although he also seems interested enough to want to keep in touch and meet up occasionally. Not stressed about it as there isn't anything to be stressed about. But nothing else of interest going on in that department either.

Still going to occasional clubs and events. In fact there's something on this next weekend and the following week. So I'll probably go to those and give my ropes an airing and maybe get some play in. But not a big deal really, nothing to get overly excited about.

Been cooking a bit. The current fascination is making tasty things out of my Ottolenghi cookbook. So far the two things I've made have been delicious and very true to my experiences at the restaurant. So highly recommended by me.

I don't know. I feel somewhat dull at the moment. Not that anything I'm doing is particularly dull, but that it would come across as dull to anyone else. I don't feel that I'm particularly interesting at all just now, even though somehow I'm busy all the time. I'm not saying that this is a bad thing, I just don't have very much to get all talkative about. Well, there are some topics I could get talkative about, but I think I'd rather not just yet. I've decided that sometimes getting overly irate and bitchy about people puts me in a bad mood, so I'm trying to cut back. Just a little. Let it build up until I can't stand it any longer, that seems a far better time to rant then just for the hell of it. ;)