31 July 2007

Rough Week So Far

I got a headache on Monday and it hasn't gone away yet. Actually I think I got this headache on Friday. It all started with an unpleasant afternoon meeting. Then I think I had a pretty relaxing weekend, but my period was coming, and I think it contributed. I can't believe it's only Tuesday. I feel like it should be the end of the week.

Work has been particularly trying. There's one project in particular that I'm finding really difficult to deal with. And it's frustrating because I feel like it really shouldn't be this complicated, but no one can figure out why the dynamic is so poor.

I'm also under a reasonable amount of pressure from headhunters to jump ship. I'm waiting to hear back from the office about salary reviews which should come out either by the end of this week or by next week. If they match what I asked for, then I think I'm just going to stay put for another year. But if they don't, I will need to seriously consider moving. And the closeness of the possibility is stressful.

On top of this, my gynecology appointment is getting closer. Though it's still a good two weeks away. I just want to know what the hell is going on with all that as well. I need to know when this surgery is. I need to know how long I should expect to be in the hospital, and at home. This has an impact on these other thoughts about jobs. It also has an impact on any vacation plans I want to make.

I've also been having some heartfelt but necessary conversations with Mr.Aloof. I think it's tricky for both of us, because we both hoped that there would be some continuity or regularity and development to what was starting to take shape. And we will always have a connection. So there will be a bit of transition time, to reduce the intimacy and reconfirm the boundaries of the friendship. But we seem to be on the same page. And while it's sad, and disappointing, it's not devastating or overly emotional. And I guess that's good. Because it also shows me that I was correct in assessing my feelings about the involvement.

Still, it's going to take a while for the desires to cool. Not that they ever really do. But there's a difference between knowing that you're single and being in that mindset, versus having potential situations dangled in front of you, enticing you and inflaming you, and then having them be taken away. But I'm not worried, it'll all cool down eventually.

28 July 2007

Catching Up

Well I feel like it's been a while since I've caught up things here. On the one hand, there isn't anything particularly interesting to write about, but then there has been loads of stuff going on or coming up that I could write about. Funny how that works.

Earlier this week I finally managed to get over to my local sexual health clinic to get a full check-up. In truth this is something I've been meaning to do since March. But then I was away, and then life was in the way, and also for a chunk of that time I had marks on me that I didn't feel like explaining to a doctor or answering questions about. Even though I got there early and was tenth in line, it still took me almost four hours to get seen and be finished. The most exciting part of this experience was that the nurse couldn't manage to take my blood. First she fished around in my right arm with no luck. Then she fished around in my left arm with no luck (and which has left an ugly bruise). Then she decided to use a butterfly needle to draw blood out of the back of my hand which was sort of icky and while it did work resulted in my blood being dripped down my fingers and onto the floor.

I've had half my results back so far, all clean. The rest will come by next Monday. Of course. I don't really expect any less. I always lean towards safe, and I guess it just doesn't worry me that much. It all made me think of a pretty good post by Siege which I think you can read here.

Work has been pretty busy. I gave a CPD presentation with one of our consultants yesterday at lunch about community consultation and involvement. So this took a large part of my week- putting the powerpoint together. I think it went alright though, so that was good. I always get a little bit nervous when I have to give presentation, but it was pretty easy with S who also talked a bunch. We made it a less formal sort of chatty thing I think, so that was all good.

But other things at work haven't been as nice. I brought work home this weekend in fact because I've just been so busy, and I never really like working on my weekends. Also, I've had more unpleasant meetings with J who is project manager for a project I've been working on. The meeting was so very unpleasant that he ended up calling me last night to apologize for his behavior in the meeting. This is the second time this has happened. I appreciate that he has the presence to own up to it after the fact, but I sort of wish it would stop happening to begin with. It gave me a headache.

On Thursday I had lunch with a headhunter. He's been chasing me for probably over a year at this point and decided to push things forward by coming to my work neighborhood and meet for lunch. He managed to extract the promise from me that I'd finish the second page of my CV by the end of next week. Obviously he's keen to get me to move because he'll get commission. I made it very clear that I would only move for the right job- which means the right type of work (that I can feel good about) and a good work environment which are the two big things that my current job has going for it. In the meantime, I should hear back from my office in a week or two about the result of all the salary reviews. If they match what I asked for, I think I'll stay for a year, but if they don't, I think I need to start taking interviews.

Last bit of news is that I've decided to break the current engagement with Mr.Aloof and toy. There's just too much crap going on in their lives, and there isn't any time to meet up. The deal that I made with myself was that as long as I was getting something out of it, I was happy to put up with the things I was worried about. But I'm not getting anything out of it right now, and that seems unlikely to change for two to four weeks. So I just said that I understood, and I wasn't angry, but I needed to look out for me and my interests. So I'm back to perusing the dating market with some degree of seriousness. And I guess we'll see what happens. If I meet someone, even through bdsm circles, it is unlikely that they would want to join up with Mr.Aloof and toy or would be happy with my continued involvement with them, and I understand that. If that's what happens, that it's what happens. If I don't find anyone of interest or note by the time Mr.Aloof and toy do have time and want to pick up, then I guess I'll just have to see how things are then. But I can't put my life on hold for.... potential fun with no future.

I think that's most of the updates. I'm still trying to put my house together from having moved everything for the new carpet which is super fabulous and wonderful. I'm hoping to get a bunch of that done this weekend, but who knows. I also want to go to the gym, see SP, go with T to Ikea, and I have to do this work.

23 July 2007

Eyeball Bender

Just spotted this on Boing Boing. I stared at it for a long time and it didn't change direction. Then I stared at it for a bit longer and still it didn't change direction. I read the instructions and looked at it again and it still didn't change direction. Then, I looked away for a second, and then I looked back and all of the sudden it had changed direction! I managed to get it to flip a couple of times but it's really strange and freaky. Enjoy.

21 July 2007

Taking a Break

Well, it's just past eleven and I've done loads this morning so now I'm taking a break to sit on my couch, write on my blog and watch Scrubs.

So far this morning I have managed to move my wardrobes back into place and screw them back together. This may sound easy, but it's not- considering each of the three wardrobes weigh like a hundred pounds or something and do not move well on my nice thick new carpet. On the plus side, I managed to get an extension cord plugged into the plug that is located behind the wardrobes, so this means I won't have to trip over an electric cord stretched across my doorway. I also completely cleaned the top of the wardrobes and managed to clean off all the sticky fingerprints from them being moved about.

Next I moved all of my jewelery into a drawer that I'd forgotten about in the large table in my room. I mean, I remembered there was a drawer in the table, but I've never considered using it for anything, but then just yesterday I was looking for a jewelery box. This morning I woke up and thought, why look for a box, when I have this perfect drawer? So I moved all of it into the drawer and also moved up my other nightstand from downstairs (also cleaning it in the process).

Then I cleaned everything on the window sill by the head of my bed, and the window sill itself. Of course this required moving some things onto the table which I will need to sort out. I've decided what I really need are more storage boxes. I've ordered a bunch of under-bed storage bags- in part to replace the box which is in no way going back under my bed as it was a haven for the moths, but also so I can hopefully put some other things away under the bed that I just don't need frequently, but I need to keep safe. I also figure that putting things in bags and boxes will reduce how much dust I accumulate and have to take care of. Of course those bags won't be delivered for a week or two, so that's a bit annoying.

But now that the wardrobes are together, I can put all my clothes back into them! And that is huge for two reasons. First, I have not been able to find any clothes I want and getting dressed in the mornings has been a huge chore. Second, most of the things downstairs are clothes-related. So this means once I get all the clothes back into the wardrobe, and then the extra room furniture back into the extra room that some of my clothes are currently hanging out in, most of the downstairs will be cleaned up (aside from the huge box) and my house might return to some semblance of half normality.

In other less chore related musings, everyone is away this weekend which means it really is a nice quiet weekend at home. Though I feel like because I've been so stressed lately, I haven't had time to just 'hang out' with some of my friends, so it's a bit of a shame they're all away, but it lets me focus on getting my house in order.

Also, Mr.Aloof and toy have been gone for the week and seeing as how I was stressed and cranky last weekend, I decided I just wasn't going to think about them and see the week as a break. No email and no text. But Thursday and then Friday I got some texts off of them which was sort of nice because it was just after the final bit of stressful appointments, and it was nice to know that they were thinking about me. Hopefully we'll meet up next week when they're back. Well, that's the current plan at any rate.

16 July 2007

Three Days Left

I realize I am becoming a bit jagged around the edges. And it's not my period coming on. It's just that I've had something going on, non-stop, for over a week now- and it's really getting to me. I know that I am someone who really makes use of my down-time. It's a critical component to my emotional well being. Without it, I just get more and more stressed, which means I get more and more cranky which tends to lead to my getting more and more negative about whatever thing happens to cross my mind.

The larger issues of the moment being my unusual relationship involvement and the large cyst on my ovary. Neither of which is going to be resolved in the immediate future.

Something I have known about myself for a very long time, is that when I feel like my life is out of control, or very stressful, or a mess, my non-helpful tendency is to stir shit up so that I feel in control of my life being out of control or very stressful or a mess by creating one on my own to replace the ones that I feel are happening to me. And I understand that this is a very unproductive way of behaving. I also understand that I don't really want to stir shit up, but as long as everything else feels like it's out of control and horrible, I have this large urge to just seal the deal by wreaking more havoc in my life.

I am currently trying to resist these urges. Mainly by not talking to anyone about anything important lest something hideous and ugly just slip out.

All I have to do is wait until the end of Wednesday. I will have new carpet. And no guests. And while I will need to move things back into my room and put everything back together, and I will miss my guests, it will be okay. It will be better than okay. It will be great. And I will be happy. And there is no reason to drop an additional bomb on my life right now because I am feeling at the end of my tether and stressed.

(I just have to keep telling myself that.)

13 July 2007


There are certain key things that distinguish a more mature and developed mind from a less mature and under-developed mind. The most common way that this is understandable is by looking at the motivations and thoughts of a teenager versus an adult. In many respects, teenagers have the same mental capacity as an adult. They can distinguish between right and wrong, and are capable of being self sufficient. But teenagers are not fully mature, and it is interesting to consider the final stages of human emotional development.

A common symptom of the less mature mind is the inability to surpass the focus of the self to a greater understanding of other individuals. In useful lingo what this means is, immature minds tend to view the world from a very self-centered perspective and don't take into account that other individuals may have separate motivations for their actions that have nothing to do with the original thinker in question.

As a typical example, a typical teenage girl sees some other girls talking and thinks they are talking about her. This girl may then go on to suppose what those girls might be saying about her, and take any future communication from one of the group as full of meaning and suggestion about what the conversation may have been about. When the reality is, those girls were probably talking about anything but her.

It is, in fact, a major achievement in emotional development when one realizes that in fact, no one is talking about them, scrutinizing their actions, or thinking about their activities on a regular basis. It is also a difficult stage in emotional development as it is partnered with the advancement of the understanding of loneliness and the isolation of the individual. Still, it is an important stage in development as it allows a greater ability to communicate and interact rationally and intelligently with others.

Still, burdened with our consciousness, it is not possible to ever truly remove yourself from your perspective. And it often sneaks up in more subtle circumstances. One of the better illustrations of this common human trait of self-referencing became evident only when I moved to Britain. Mainly, it is how one views the concept of 'nation' and the expectation therein. Coming from a very large country, I found that I had certain expectations that did not translate to a small country. And in reverse, I have spoken with many people from this small country about my large country and had to try to explain how and why things are different when coming from a very large country. The error occurs because we only think of country names and not what it means. In the news, America and Britain and France were talking. In the news, it all seems equal. And yet, it is not equal at all. And we come to have expectations or beliefs that don't translate well. Of course, you don't really recognize this until you are forced to face it. Most of the time these beliefs are just simply held, with nothing to challenge them, and because they don't impact day to day life, it rarely comes to light.

But I didn't start this post to speak of nations, rather I have been thinking of this topic in respect to interpersonal relationships. And how even as a mature and aware adult, it is easy to slip and find yourself in a thought pattern where other people's actions seem to be in relation to you, when really, they just aren't.

It can be very difficult when emotions are involved. Those evil little logic erasing things that blast through the walls of sanity and common sense forging their own paths. It can be so easy to slip back into that mindset of being the teenage center of the universe. Thinking that decisions that people make are intentional towards you, intended to send you a message that you are sure you probably know.

But the reality, is that each person lives in their own sphere of consideration. And just as you are not making your day to day decisions to send these other people secret and meaningful messages, they are not considering you in their day to day decision making either. You just don't matter that much. People care about themselves far more than they will ever possibly care about you.

It's hard to accept the loneliness of the human condition, as everyone wants to feel important. Unfortunately, not a single one of us happens to be the blazing center of the universe. And what everyone needs to remember from time to time, is just to keep things in perspective.

12 July 2007

Revenge of the Bugs

I think the word got out that I was depriving moths of their homes. Because yesterday at our weekly softball game in Regents Park I got attacked by all things small and bitey. No one else really seemed to have much trouble, but I managed to get bit. And one particular nasty bite was right on the outside of my elbow. This bite is huge now, and itchy. And very, very hot. Stupid bugs.

At home there are quite a few moths in the air. Bereft of their carpet, they just circle with no place to go. I kill as many as I can, still, the resurgence of the airborne is not particularly welcomed, even if they are just on their way to a miserable death.

The removal of the carpet was all a bit messy. When it was pulled up it was discovered that it had been laid with glue (which was all over the floor) and that prior to glue being spread all over the floor, a thin veneer had been laid and stapled down. Well this nasty shit needs to come up. But the removal guys didn't do it. So I started this morning, and it's not that bad, it's just messy, and there's quite a bit to do. I just need a day at home to do it, but that's simply a day I don't have.

And in final news, I did not end up going to see toy and Mr.Aloof last night. But it was for an acceptable reason and I probably could have gone down but decided that maybe it was just as well. And turns out that was probably right seeing as how the carpet guys showed up at 9am and there was no way I would have made it back by then! I might meet Mr.Aloof on Saturday by Borough Market for a drink, that would be nice. And I'll see him and her in another week or so, and we can pick up where things have been left off, so that's fine.

You know my elbow really itches. It's maddening.

10 July 2007

Only Getting Busier

Well, it's been a busy bunch of days around these parts and I can't fathom somehow that it's only Tuesday. Because it feels like it should be at least Thursday, but it isn't.

Saturday was a bit of a waste, but I think I knew in my heart that I just needed a day of down time to be able to cope with what was coming up in front of me. Sunday the madness began and I started to move all of my stuff downstairs, then SA came over, then I had to run to the store to get some ingredients to make peanut noodles that I took to TD's party. Then having been at TD's party for an hour or so, and having had SH show up, I had to get on a bush to go down to Liverpool Station to pick up CW who was finally arriving, take her back to TD's party where we hung out for a while, and then it was back to my house and work first thing on Monday morning.

For some reason on Monday I felt like I'd been drugged up on more antihistamines than you could fit in a handbag and I kept yawning and was generally feeling drowsy all day. So that wasn't good, since I actually had work to do, but couldn't find the motivation to do anything except yawn. Leaving work on Monday, I went into Islington to meet up with folks and for dinner which was lots of good fun but I was still pretty tired, and we all split up and headed towards our respective homes at around 9:15! Of course when I got home, I couldn't go to sleep because i had to finish moving the rest of my stuff so as to clear the upstairs. Which I generally did.

And in the meantime I also had to pack a bag because tonight I'm not going home, I'm going south to see Mr.Aloof and toy. Which I'm actually really excited about for any number of reasons I don't feel like getting into at the moment, but I also wasn't willing to pass it up, even if it would have been a better idea to be at my house tonight because they are coming to remove the carpet at 9:30/10:00 tomorrow morning. But that's fine. I'll just go straight home from down south and if there's a small overlap, then it's great that CW is staying at my flat!

At least the final battle of the moth war is about to be fought. Every time I think of that, it makes the incredible horror of having to move stuff worthwhile. Fucking moths. Die!

07 July 2007

Lessons from the Evening

If you drink enough blue cocktails, you pee an alarming shade of green.

Also, snails make a sickening crunch when you step on them.

That's all.

06 July 2007

A Brief Interlude

It's thirty minutes until my office summer party. The barbecue is flaming outside and I can hear the sounds of champagne bottles being opened. I've seen the standing lines of row after row of gin, vodka and other sundries. It's going to be a raucous evening.

To update in brief, Mr.Aloof did come by Tuesday night, but didn't stay over. We had a really good evening though of dinner, chatting, and curling up on the sofa together, so that was really nice. Work continues to be difficult and challenging but I'm still basking in the glow of 'being an architect' even if it is in New York and not the UK. Caught up with old friend CT last night in Camden which was really nice. Getting ready to host a friend who should arrive tomorrow though I'm not at all sure when. And I also need to start moving all of my movable items downstairs in preparation for Wednesday carpet removal. Sunday is T's birthday party which should be good. And this will also be my first meeting of the week with SH who is in town for the week. I need to remember to bring her my spare mobile phone. Tuesday next is currently on a 95% chance that I will be going down to see Mr.Aloof for the evening, though that missing 5% looms large in my thoughts. And so far, no news on when I might be having a follow up appointment with the gynecologist.

So there you have it. My life in a nutshell. It's going to be a mad couple of weeks....

02 July 2007

Medical Fetish

As in, I wish I had one. Because then my afternoon would have been a hoot. Still, since I'm so very perverted, it was enough to entertain myself throughout my afternoon by imagining just how exciting what I was going through would have been to a medical fetishist. How's that for self-entertainment. Only children rock.

As I said in my last post, I had a scan scheduled today to look at my cyst. It was an ultrasound. In the appointment letter the instructions clearly stated that I was to drink 8 mugs of water 90 minutes before my exam and not to empty my bladder. To be honest, if I drink 8 mugs of water in a day it's a big deal, so in 90 minutes, it was going to be quite trying. So I ended up drinking about 4 glasses of water and figured that was good enough because already I was thinking I needed to pee, but it was probably also nervousness as well.

My local hospital is about a ten minute walk from my house. So 45 minutes before my appointment I headed to the hospital. Which was about five minutes after it started to chuck it down with rain. The sound of dripping water everywhere and an increasing urge to pee. Really. So while I'm walking and considering how this is all very unfair, I start to consider how it could be used in a bdsm context. Making someone drink water and then controlling the urge to pee. The more I started to think about that, the more I started to consider other activities which led to an entirely different sort of urge. Then I was entertained thinking about how that's completely not what one needs!

So the entire way to the hospital I'm entertaining myself by thinking perverted thoughts. At least it passed the time. Arriving at the hospital I went to X-Ray and it was almost empty save for one woman in the large waiting room and one woman behind the desk. I went up to the woman at the counter and gave her my appointment slip. "Please tell me you wanted me to drink all that water for a urine sample. I really have to pee."

The woman informed me of my error and told me I should sit and wait, but that I was next and it shouldn't be long.

At least she wasn't lying. The scan woman came out fairly quickly and took me in to the exam room. Quickly getting down to business she spread cool slimy gel on my stomach and scanned me while getting my history. Almost as soon as she started she confirmed that I have a cyst. Like that was a surprise. The next thing she did was to ask me if I minded an internal exam so she could get a better look. Did I mind? Did I have a choice? They tell you something is growing in you and you aren't going to let them do what they need to do? No, I told her I didn't mind. She showed me the 'internal ultrasound tool' which really just looked like a slender dildo and I had to stifle a laugh.

At least she let me go to the toilet, so I was rushing off to go pee while she set up for the next part of the scan. When I came back she said to remove all my clothes from the waist down and hop back up on the table. Sometimes UK medicine makes me laugh. Very little modesty from time to time I've noticed. But what did I care? This woman was about to stick a piece of plastic up me, so it really wasn't the time to be shy. I stripped half down and got on the table. For the next five to ten minutes she scanned me from the inside. Occasionally asking if I was uncomfortable. I mean, I wasn't in particular. A couple of times it felt a bit strange, but again, I'd rather she really get a good look at what's going on in there, my comfort seemed slightly less important.

And that's pretty much all there is. Scans confirm that I have a 'large' cyst on my left ovary. The woman who did the scan said she would make sure my referral would go through to gynecology herself, seeing as how I have no follow up doctor appointment scheduled. She seemed to think I would get an appointment within two weeks. She said if I didn't hear anything within two weeks that I should follow up with urology and with my GP. So all in all, not the best news- because it pretty much means I will need surgery so now it's just going through the information stages and appointments to get to that moment. On the other hand, at least I know what it is now and something is being done about it. And it's just going to be whatever it's going to be. I don't anticipate that I'm going to enjoy the experience, but on the other hand, I will at least find it interesting- since I've never had surgery or anything else majorly wrong with me before. And hopefully that will be enough to get me through it.

01 July 2007

Smoking Ban Soapbox

I've been reading a lot of posts on IC where people are yammering on about the smoking ban and quite a few yammering on about how it's infringing on their civil liberties. Well, I'm not really in the mood to argue with the people there but I can say whatever I want on my own blog. So here we go.

What the fuck is wrong with people? Like smoking is a civil liberty? What about my fucking civil liberty? And anyway, you aren't being told you can't smoke, you're being told you can't smoke where people who don't smoke might go. Total fucking idiots.

I think it's also important to look at any of the multitudes of other places where smoking bans have been in effect for long periods of time and listen to how happy everyone is with it. No one seems to have trouble not smoking in public places and even smokers agree that the atmosphere of many places is greatly improved by the lack of smoke.

While I'm sure there are exceptions to this, it's not exceptions that one should make laws based on. And it's not a secret that inhaling smoke isn't good for you, and inhaling second hand smoke is equally not good for you. See, I don't really care what you choose to do to yourself, though I think that instead of paying ex smokers millions of dollars in damages that tobacco companies should instead be made to pay towards medical bills of the masses or medical research towards smoking related illnesses. But you know, that would be admitting that your product eventually kills people even if everyone knows it anyway.

But back to these people. Seriously, what is wrong with them? And if people in the UK really want to get on a soapbox about their civil liberties, how about all the CCTV everywhere and ID cards and all sorts of other stuff that seems highly intrusive to me as an American.

At any rate, I really hope I don't come across anyone who voices similar opinions to the ones I've been reading. I'd just have to point out how stupid they are and hope they smoke a lot more a lot quicker so they can just die sooner.


Yesterday was a pretty eventful day. I think this comes on the tail end of a pretty eventful week, though looking forward, all I see is more mayhem in the next couple of weeks so maybe it's just a crazy time of year. Lets start with my biggest news first, after all, it's also the best.

Yesterday D was over picking up some last pieces, dropping of keys, and collecting his deposit when I got a call from my mom on my mobile. The first thing I noticed is that the call was coming in from her cell phone. This immediately freaked me out. "Hi, what's wrong?" is how I believe I answered the phone.

"Are you sitting down?" she said.

"No," I said becoming increasingly concerned, "whats wrong??"

"Sit down." she said, I could hear that she was outdoors somewhere, I sat on my stairs.

"Fine, I'm sitting now tell me what's going on." I was thinking the absolute worst. I should add to the story that my mother went into have a pre-cancerous melanoma removed on Friday, so I'm figuring this all has something to do with what should have been a simple outpatient procedure. D was watching all of this play out intently with a concerned look upon his face.

At this point my mother starts talking about how she got a letter about exam results and how there was an anomaly and that the results had to be reviewed. All of this time I'm still thinking she's talking about her medical stuff going on until she said something else that threw off my thinking. "Wait, what did you say?"

"You passed your exam! You're done! You're an architect!"


"Oh my god!" was pretty much all I could say, and I think I said it repeatedly as in "Oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god!"

And that's still pretty much all I can come up with when I think about the summation of all my hard work and money spent and time. I'm really happy that I didn't book my flights last week (or reschedule the exam) like I'd been planning to. Of course I'm happy. I've finally achieved this long standing goal! Of course now I'm vaguely considering my next course of study. There's always LEED certification or AICP certification, though I'm more dubious about the second. SA did it, but he's the golden boy. I'd probably get called out as having the wrong sort of experience. I think LEED would be a pretty good call. But really what I think I'm going to do is study nothing for a little bit and just enjoy this. I'm sure my over-achiever nature will kick in all on it's own at some point.

So there's the big news.

Other exciting news is that I bought new carpet yesterday as well. I have the dates set and everything, so the moth carpet is going to go away and brand new 100% polyester carpet is coming in its place. No more dark blue nasty carpet, instead I'm going to have a nice sandy colored soft and comfortable carpet. This means however, that there is a couple of weeks here where things are going to be a mess. All of my things need to move downstairs so that the upstairs bedrooms are empty except for the large furniture pieces. And because I have the moths, they're giving me a week between removal and installation to do some fumigation. So what this really means is that for about two weeks, my life is going to be a complete and utter mess. But at the end of it, I will have new lovely carpet and no more fucking moths. I'm probably almost as excited about this as I am about the exam thing. Well okay, maybe not, but I'm pretty fucking excited. I don't think I can express how much I detest my current carpet.

In other news, my week since getting back from Berlin was all sorts of crazy. I went to Scunthorpe for a presentation for work. That was an interesting adventure as our trip took us through Doncaster and all the flooding. I also got to do some of the presenting (which is only because my boss didn't really care if we got the project or not, but still, it was a good experience). There was a bit of a hiccup on Thursday as I was supposed to go down to see Mr.Aloof and toy and got canceled on which pretty much erupted into all sorts of ugliness, so that's still being worked out, but I think I have a handle on it. Or at least, I know what I'm going to do if this is the start of a pattern and not just a one off occurrence. So really I need to wait and see about that.

This upcoming week is filled with a scan tomorrow for my cyst. A walking tour of Hampstead Garden Suburbs for inspiration. A meeting with the council for another project I'm working on. The office summer party. A possible visit from Mr. Aloof (but I'm not holding my breath). And next weekend both SH and C are going to be in town and there's T's birthday party to go to, so it should all be lots of fun but also lots of crazy rushing about and going from the next thing to the next!

So it might be a bit before I update again. Not sure how it's all going to squeeze in. Lets just hope the weather improves!