13 August 2014

Keeps on spinning

It looks like I actually wrote a few times towards the end of last year and then it looks like I haven't written anything this year at all.  So I suppose this will remedy that.  As per usual with such lapses it means that swathes of my life are going to be left to my own memory which I must admit gets spottier and spottier as I get older.  I used to have a fabulous memory.  In fact I would say an over-active memory.  Nowadays I suppose I just don't think things that are happening of worthy of such intense scrutiny and therefore remembrance.  Funny how things change.

It's my birthday this Saturday and I turn 40.  I, like most humans, like round numbers and things that suggest patterns so of course 40 seems like something meaningful when in fact it is simply the year between 39 and 41.  I've managed to pull together an exciting bunch of celebratory events.  Friday I'll be having dinner with a large group of friends at Bocca di Lupo which I have not yet eaten at but have wanted to for ages.  I expect this to be a lovely and delicious meal that will make me very happy.  The on Sunday I'm off to Corsica with a friend (and another who is coming along later on Wednesday night).  A real proper holiday in a holiday location.  I don't feel prepared for the trip, but then I have all Saturday to pack and sort things out.  I'm good at the last minute packing.

I've been seeing a guy for about a month now.  I feel very strongly that he's not a keeper, but we're having some fun at the moment.  I don't know how long it will last, but for now fun is good.  Although I'm fairly convinced he's been giving me strep throat and is some sort of carrier.  This is due to me getting a sore throat just after getting a horrible sore throat for which I took antibiotics which happened a couple of days after the first time we kissed. Then I finished the antibiotics course, we get together, and sore throat again.  It doesn't take a genius.

I've been working this past year at a good job but it is a sabbatical cover so it ends at the end of the year.  There had been some hope that there would be a way for me to stay on and a few months ago this led to all sorts of stress about the possibility of moving to Cambridge for real and how that would be.  But at the moment it looks like that will not be what happens.  So I'm looking elsewhere.  I've applied for 2 jobs in London, and 1 in Cardiff. I've also got a meeting in just under an hour for an industry job in London although it's not really a formal interview it's a 'conversation', but it is an interview sort of.


Back from that.  It was sort of an interview.  It was fine.  We'll see if anything comes out of it.

I'm exhausted.  This is probably from fighting off whatever infection I have.  At least I hope it sort of feels like it's not getting worse.  So that's good.  But I'm still exhausted.

And stressed. I have a lot to do.  Lots for work, lots for holiday.  Just lots to do.  And it's already Wednesday... I'm just not being particularly productive.  This is no good.

I'm sure there is more I could say and I was very motivated to write earlier but now I just feel tired.  The guy is coming over tonight and I'm not enthused about it.  I just want to sleep.  I really can't see him lasting super long at this rate.  Sort of a shame, but I guess the shame is he isn't what I hoped for, not that I want him in particular to last super long.

I don't even thing I'm making sense anymore. 

Until next time.