02 April 2011

Strike Two!

Two dates down and one to go. So far a very mixed bag but not with any outcomes of note. Guy number 1 I saw on Wednesday. He has originally asked if I wanted to go to some erotic awards event with him by Angel. The background on him is that he's American and traveling. So I figured he was really just looking for a hook up. However, we had a 99% match score, a low enemy score, he was Jewish, and I thought, well, why not? I was perhaps also slightly emboldened by recently reading about two silly chaps I know doing something similar on their recent trip to New York, although they did sort of get up to hijinks, on the other hand, I can also see how its just something a bit fun and exciting to do and a novel way to visit a city. So I agreed. But I wasn't sure I would make the awards thing because it started at 7 and I had tons to do in Cambridge.

As it turns out there was no way I was going to make it in time so instead we decided on dinner in Islington some where which was just as well. We met at 8 by the tube station and walked to a very nice Turkish I know which is on my half price card. He was enjoyable company and it was strange to be around an American. We probably have quite a bit in common and if he and I were in the same place he would most assuredly be someone I would be interested in getting to know more. But alas, he is not. After dinner, we went to Ottolenghi for some awesome dessert, then I walked him back to the tube and although we had a little bit of a snog to say goodbye, say goodbye we did and that was that.

So date one was enjoyable and fun, but will not result in anything. Next.

Last night I had another date lined up with someone I had a reasonably high match score with. His pre-date communication had been sparse so I wasn't entirely convinced but I'm willing to give people the benefit of the doubt and at least go for a drink. We met up by Liverpool Street station and went to a rather swish lounge. He wasn't entirely what I expected initially and to be completely honest I was a bit put off by his somewhat thick accent. But as the evening wore on the accent didn't bother me quite as much. It was a very pleasant evening but I just didn't feel any particular connection there. I can imagine that if he was within my group of friends, he might be someone I enjoyed hanging out with, but I really couldn't envision anything beyond that. No spark.

On the upside, I got two amazing cocktails out of it which would otherwise have been out of my price range and I had a pleasant evening. With him there may need to be a 'ding' message, as I'm not sure he got the same feeling I did. But really, no.

So that's two up and two down. I have a third date scheduled for Tuesday with a guy who seems like a bit of a dork. Of course I went to a nerd high school and grew up surrounded by dorks. Adult dorks can be lovable wonderful partners, and he's certainly been entertaining by way of pre-date communication. But I wonder if he's actually just going to be too nice. Many dorks are you see. And as much as I admire and respect that, I am not always so inclined. I need someone with a bit of the dark in them. But I'm not making any guesses. I will go to dinner with an open mind and see how it all goes from there.

I will try to avoid thinking on the fact that things often happen in threes.....